Bridal Alterations

Getting engaged is filled with excitement and wonder, but it is also a time filled with decisions that have to be made! You’ve likely dreamt about your wedding dress a thousand times over in your mind, with the vision changing from year to year as your tastes and the fashion world changed. Mulling over hundreds of dresses, trying on just as many, and rifling through wedding magazines can be an overwhelming and frustrating process. You fall in love with specific parts of a dress, and then parts of another, and secretly wish that you could take the two and meld them together. That is where Kira and her team come in.

Taking Her Skills as a

Kira isn’t just a dressmaker; she is a gown guru who can gather various styles and piece them perfectly together by “cutting and pasting.” She takes her talent, skill, and training as a fashion expert and transforms a wedding dress into a custom gown that was made just for you. Kira is an expert at highlighting those things about your figure that you love to showcase in just the right way, and downplay other things perfectly to accent you in the best light possible.

Customization  Tailoring  to Your Needs

At KEDS we believe that bodies are beautiful. We understand that life happens while you are planning a wedding and whether you have lost weight, gained weight, or become pregnant since you purchased your gown, we are here to make it fit YOU. Customizations are our speciality! We will take your original gown and make it special and unique to you by adding straps, sleeves, lacework, buttons or beading to suit your taste and style and create a wearable work of art

It Isn’t a Simple or Quick Process!

It is not a simple process or a quick one. There are many versions, going back to the drawing board, undoing, redoing, attention to detail, trying different things, then trying again. But in the end, you are one of the few brides who can truly say that you found “the dress” and wore it on your wedding day. The way that Kira takes your vision and makes it a reality is truly unbelievable.

WE TRANSFORM Your Fairytale to Reality By

What she does is make a fairytale your reality.

  • Install Bra Cups
  • Adjust Straps
  • Basic Hem
  • Take In/Let Out
  • Bridal Packages
  • Intricate Bridal


Wedding Party alterations

  • Bridesmaids
  • Mother of the bride/groom
  • Flower Girls
  • Guest attendees


Other Alteration Services

  • Prom
  • Streetwear
  • On Site Alterations
  • Steaming

Congratulations on finding your gown! Let's get started on your alteration or redesign.


We charge $75 for consultations to discuss alterations, which is then applied to the overall cost of building the gown if you decide to proceed. Heirloom redesign consults are free of charge.